I have always liked drawing, painting and designing. I worked as a textile designer for knitting and weaving for 10-15 years, but in the last 15 years my artistic career has been in oil and acrylic painting.

I have joined various exhibitions both separately, and as a member of SK (Swedish Art Association) and "Öppna Sinnen" 

I was educated at home and also by “Medborgarskolan”for many years and by “Skånska Målarskolan”, Malmö.

People, nature and the sea give me inspiration for new subjects that I select from the area around Skanör-Falsterbo, and also ideas from our trips around the world.

 A sketchbook and a camera are very helpful for new ideas during our trips, which I then can realize at home. I have also had life-drawing studies. This helps me when I make quick drawings of people in movement.

My paintings don’t have any trends. I just paint what I feel like painting at the time. Sometimes very strong colors, sometimes dull colors, sometimes more abstract paintings and sometimes very figurative paintings.

I have participated in several exhibitions throughout the years, and got orders for specific objects from art associations and others. Represented in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Greece, and Australia.  

If you would like to visit my gallery. Please contact me by mail or give me a call.

Art Gallery KEH

Alfred Bälgtrampares gränd 6

239 35 Skanör


mobil: +46(0)733-240 716